Picture of Tottenham fan donning the potential Nike home kit for next season leaks online

While Tottenham’s chances in this season’s race for Premier League’s top spots are going to be difficult to forecast accurately, what is looking more and more easy to predict is the club’s kit for the next season.

Pictures of Tottenham’s potential new home and away kits surface on the internet last month, another leak that has surfaced online confirms the same claim.

A new leak courtesy of a Tottenham news-related Twitter page shows that the club’s 2017-18 home jersey will feature diagonal stripes, which is exactly the same design that had been speculated earlier.

The white Spurs shirt also carries a Nike Swoosh along with noticeable new designs of sponsor AIA’s logo and the club’s iconic crest.

Check out Tottenham’s potential home kit for the next season below –

2 thoughts on “Picture of Tottenham fan donning the potential Nike home kit for next season leaks online”

  1. Nope, nope and nope. I don’t like this at all.
    I HATE those pin stripes!
    How hard is it to make the shirt all white?
    Why no collar? Collars add class.
    The only good thing about this shirt is that the sponsors logo isn’t red but that isn’t Nikes choice.
    Shame, I had high hopes for Nike but it looks like American manufacturers really don’t know how to make an inspiring football shirt.

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