Celtic fans unfurl banners in a fantastic show of support for their Dortmund counterparts during Motherwell win (Photo)

When sanctions are harshly imposed on fans by mighty football associations, support from fans of other clubs can often transcend boundaries, and a similar moment was spotted at Celtic Park yesterday.

Dortmund fans’ famous “yellow wall” that can intimidate even the biggest of football teams visiting Signal Iduna Park was banned by the DFB for their game against Wolfsburg following an incident of altercations with RB Leipzig fans earlier this month.

While the club issued a statement condemning the violence and expressed regret over the shameful incident, many Dortmund fans found the punishment unjust provided that a large number of fans had to suffer due to a few miscreants in the stands.

In a fantastic show of support for their German counterparts, Celtic fans put up massive banners in their stands that expressed solidarity with Dortmund fans during their win over Motherwell yesterday.

The banner read: “From Glasgow to Dortmund. Against Collective Bans. Scheiß DFB”

Check out the picture of Celtic fans’ banners below –

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