Compilation shows very fine margins are keeping Paul Pogba from having amazing stats for Man Utd this season (Video)

The record-breaking transfer of Paul Pogba in the summer of 2016 kept the football world in a state of frenzy. From hashtags, emojis and haircut jokes, the transfer move has kept people talking. Perhaps tellingly, the least focus has been on Pogba’s performances on the field.

That’s a shame because despite having a few bad games, Pogba has been a breath of fresh air in Manchester United’s midfield, especially since Jose Mourinho switched to a 3-man midfield. His passing and dribbling – along with his finishing on occasion – have proven that he is indeed worth the investment.

A recent compilation video of Pogba’s long passes and assists by YouTube user KaiizoFilms is a clear example of just how many chances the Frenchman has created. Indeed, were it not for wasteful finishing on behalf of United’s forwards and attackers, Pogba might well be topping the assists list right now.

See proof of Pogba’s chance creation skills below:

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