In a lovely gesture all the Arsenal players left their shirts in the dressing rooms for the Sutton players (Photo)

While Sutton’s admirable fight against Arsenal during their FA Cup tie stole headlines all over, there were many heart-warming gestures at Gander Green Lane following the game.

Arsenal captain Theo Walcott was left embarrassed before kick-off when he accepted a pennant from Sutton’s skipper without one to offer back, but the player made up for this gaffe with a class gesture after match by consoling Sutton players for their loss and later congratulating them in their changing room personally.

Sutton had been working on building new classrooms for furthering community education, and the Gunners have promised to donate £50,000 for this cause. Arsenal directors also thanked Sutton for hosting them with a brilliant gift of a small replica of the club’s iconic canon.

To top off all these lovely gestures, @AnyLewisSport reported that all Arsenal players also left their shirts behind for Sutton players to hand out at their next match, a picture of which can be seen below –

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