Millwall fans vandalize Tottenham hoardings outside White Hart Lane ahead of the FA Cup tie (Photo)

When Tottenham were drawn against Millwall for their quarter-final FA Cup tie, fans from both sides reacted strongly while reminiscing their last encounter that was marred by violent clashes.

It is reported that Tottenham might consider restricting ticket allocation to Millwall fans down to around 3,000 for the fixture to be held at White Hart Lane next month, especially since it’s capacity has already been reduced to 31,500 this season due to ongoing work at their new stadium.

The reason cited for this decision by Spurs management is Leicester City’s complaint to the FA over the abuse and intimidation their fans were subject to by Millwall supporters during their defeat to the club on Saturday.

And ahead of their rendezvous scheduled for 11th March, provocations have already begun with fans resorting to vandalism.

Millwall supporters defaced the Lane’s outer wall by writing their club’s name, which can be seen in the¬†picture below –

5 thoughts on “Millwall fans vandalize Tottenham hoardings outside White Hart Lane ahead of the FA Cup tie (Photo)”

  1. Why is everybody jumping on the negative Millwall bandwagon. Shame on Leicester, funny how it was their fans who started throwing coins and bottles 1st but as usual if Millwall is involved then it must be their fault also 2 of the 3 arrests where actually Leicester fans.
    As for the vandalism what Millwall fan is going to make that long journey to do that
    More likely an arsenal fan stirring it up.
    Well done the media for stirring it up and bringing up past events, maybe if you focus on the good we do and the great cup run we’ve had rather than all this negativity your stirring up then we can enjoy a great day with nothing other than football to report but it can never be your fault can it.

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