Antonio Conte had a laugh at the expense of Arsenal during Chelsea presser pre Swansea City

It would be safe to say that if things keep moving ahead as they are now, Chelsea are clearly on course to win the Premier League title this season.

Since Antonio Conte’s arrival at the club, it seems that Chelsea have completely reinvented themselves into a footballing machine that can adapt to any given situation.

Minus a few glitches along the way, Chelsea have firmly established themselves on the top now, and on the opposite end of their winning momentum have been London derby rivals Arsenal.

Wenger’s men began the season on promising terms, but their prospects have only grown bleak with a big Champions League first-leg defeat to Bayern and their chances at having a legitimate shot at the PL title appearing gloomy.

It is perhaps this situation that coincidently resulted into a funny moment for manager Conte during his media interaction before Chelsea’s game against Swansea City tomorrow.

Check out the tweet describing what happened at the presser below!

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