Man Utd fan makes Liverpool’s official Twitter change their bio before the League Cup final on Sunday

Come Sunday, Jose Mourinho will be on the verge of creating history at Wembley Stadium. If he manages to beat Southampton in the EFL Cup final, Mourinho will be the first United manager to win a major trophy in his debut season at Old Trafford.

But while a victory tomorrow will be a personal accolade for Mourinho, it is a Manchester United fan who has emerged as the real winner before the clash has even taken place.

For a long time now, Liverpool’s Twitter bio had described itself as: “The official worldwide account of Liverpool FC, England’s most successful club with 41 major honours.”

But after @MourinhoMindset pointed out that Liverpool will have to change their bio if United win on Sunday, as the victory will see them surpass their rival’s trophy count, Liverpool took less than a day to delete their claim of England’s most successful club.

Check out this display of absolute savagery from the United fan below –

3 thoughts on “Man Utd fan makes Liverpool’s official Twitter change their bio before the League Cup final on Sunday”

  1. At the moment the statement is correct,but well done for reaching the league cup final. you might even win a certain 3 cups this season.wasn’t there a set of fans who made a made a big deal about that run of triumphs!.

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  2. Hahaha utd fans make me lsugh. I cant stand either club but one thing is absolutely clear. Liverpool won their haul when football was honest, not about commercialism not about money and beat all in front of them by sheer brilliance and hard work. Utd under ferguson boasted arguably the most corrupt manager this country has ever seen. The cliche fergy time, the literal banning of opposition penalties at OT. The systemic berating of officials for near twenty years making a mokery of the level playing field. Utd had it all and even after their huge recent successes are still only on a par with their closest rivals. Having existed 14 years longer than liverpool and winning trophies that werent even in existence in liverpools hay day highlights jow unbelievably poor utd were prior to ferguson coming to the helm. Their ability to out spend their rivals for the best names again another helping hand. I for one am watching both clubs under their current respective managers. One in his first year in england with an inherited under performing squad, having sold 12 players in an industrious clearout, the other with over a decade of epl experience inheriting the most valuable side in the league and the results from a perspective mind is clear to me and that is that on their day Liverpool have the ability to walk all over utd. Their play from the lightest squad in the top six has at times been breathtaking and with a few windows under Klopps belt Liverpool will be a monster. He did it with the amazing dortmund and its happening again. Utd regardless of their final have enjoyed a relatively easy run to their final have played near all of the top six at home and have been completely out performed by their major opposition. Utd have also had their luck in many games this term enjoying the benefits of goals that clearly should not have stoop. Utd or Liverpool. For me Liverpool are on their way to something special thats very clear to be seen with a tighter defence added numbers and under the mercurial Klopp Liverpool are returning to greatness. To utd fans enjoy your moment but keep the kleenex at close hand because your friends from down the east lancs road will be laughing at your expence. A giant of the English game is awakening!

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