Inhuman! Ngolo Kante stopped 3 Swansea counter-attacks in the span of 24 seconds during Chelsea win (Video)

Chelsea’s 3-1 win over Swansea City, whilst hard fought and with its share of luck, was exactly the kind of result the Blues needed to keep a distance between them and their immediate rivals. With 12 games to go now, Antonio Conte will no doubt want to wrap up the title win as soon as possible.

The Blues did dominate possession for the most part, but Swansea’s game plan involved trying to exploit them on the break. Perhaps one of Chelsea’s biggest strengths is their ability to work hard to win the ball back when possession is lost, and no one is better at covering copious amounts of ground than N’Golo Kante.

The French midfielder is also renowned for his ability to kill counter attacks, but somehow managed to outdo himself against Swansea. In the span of just 24 seconds, the French midfield engine snuffed out three potential chances for Swansea to counter-attack after Chelsea lost possession, showing his worth to Chelsea’s title bid.

See Kante’s feat of superhuman play here:

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