Pedro Obiang pulls off a brilliant tackle, 360 turn & through ball in a sensational move during West Ham 1-1 Watford (Video)

The late kick-off on Saturday saw West Ham travel away to a tough host in Watford. Whilst the game wasn’t necessarily a technical spectacle, it was a hard-fought game between two of the Premier League’s mid-table clubs. They were more or less evenly matched, and that reflected in the final score.

The result was a good one for both sides, as they climbed up the table due to the point earned. It was arguably a better one for the Hammers, who put in a decent shift and got a point under tough circumstances away from home. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have their moments of brilliance.

One such moment came from Spanish midfielder Pedro Obiang. After winning the ball back from midfield and stopping a potential counter-attack, he pulled off a 360 to beat a player and then ran forward, playing a through ball to a team-mate. Amazingly, all this happened in just 10 seconds.

See Obiang’s amazing bit of play here:

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