The face swap between Adam Lallana & Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp you simply cannot unsee

The advent of social media has increased the amount of banter shared by fans online. Whether through trolling their favourite footballers or even sharing hilarious memes, social media has become a fun place for fans of the beautiful game to have a laugh whilst supporting their teams.

There are, however, certain times when things are taken too far. This can lead to things that are either offensive or just not funny, which is to be expected. That being said, a recent picture shared by a Liverpool fan account @Anything_LFC is the kind of picture that is so bad that it’s so good.

The picture is a face swap between Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Adam Lallana. Face swaps can be amateurish and not properly done at times, yet this one is done so well that it is somewhat horrifying, yet hard to take one’s eyes off it.

See the picture in all its glory below:

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