(Video) Paul Pogba nullifies two Southampton players with a filthy skill during Man Utd’s EFL Cup win

Manchester United added another feather to their glorious hat on Sunday by beating Southampton 3-2 to lift their fifth League Cup at Wembley Stadium.

From stunning display of talent to unfair decisions, the game had everything that can be expected from a dramatic cup final.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba shared a light moment during an after-match interview wherein the witty Swede corrected Pogba by clarifying that he arrived at Old Trafford for free whereas Pogba was actually bought by the club.

But as far as the match went, the Frenchman clearly justified his hefty price tag with a small but beautiful display of skill in the game.

During a moment just before the break, Pogba enthralled fans by receiving the ball at half line with two defenders closely marking him and turned effortlessly to run ahead and pass the ball forward.

Check out Pogba’s brilliant turn below!

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