Celtic fans banner banter aimed at Rangers in 2012 might be turning into reality

The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is many years old, 129 to be precise. The very first meeting between the two sides took place when Celtic were born and had invited Rangers to inaugurate their new ground.

From 1888 to 2017, a lot seems to have changed since that day. The fateful year of 2012 saw Rangers facing bankruptcy, for which their rivals still mock them by calling them a new club that lost its history with its previous owners.

It was on 29th April in that ominous year when in a game between the two Old Firm rivals the Hoops faithful had celebrated their 3-0 win by flashing massive banners jeering at Rangers’ predicament, the most notable of which had read: “Your grandchildren will be Celtic fans!”

And if you ask @paddyonthewing, this is already happening. The Celtic supporter’s tweet (seen below) narrates a heart-broken Rangers fan’s story that recites how his three young nephews have snubbed their traditional club and have now turned into massive Celtic fans!

4 thoughts on “Celtic fans banner banter aimed at Rangers in 2012 might be turning into reality”

  1. They weren’t just “facing bankruptcy”, Dhruv, they actually went bust. That’s why we (and others) call them a new club. Because that’s what they are.

    The End 🙂

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  2. Naismith left Rainjurz because They arent Rainjurz Oldco!!!They are now The Sevco Newco RainJurz.We do not accept the Myth They are same club.It was in every paper when the Oranje Ship went down.Still they havent learnt from there mistakes.More or less same board.With some of the Old Board now Slithering around the SFA.By the time this is all said and done,They may be just about have a Museum of Oldco Glories from YesterYear.But they cannot claim History thats not theres to claim.FACT!!

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  3. The PeeePul dont do walking away.Hopefully Brassneck McLeish gets the Poison Chalice Job.Its not as if he can do anything.No EBT,s no one decent player will entertain playing for a Basket Case of a Club.They cheated to Equal our 9 in a Row.And stood by as there Oldco Past Away into the Annals of HISTORY!!!they are still traumatised and grieving.Thats why they are still in deep rooted denial.HH the Celts March On.With Pride!..

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