Revealed: The secret handshakes at Tottenham are actually down to an initiative from boss Mauricio Pochettino

The progress that Tottenham Hotspur have made under Mauricio Pochettino is quite evident to see for everyone. Whilst the North London side would previously just flirt with hopes of being a part of the Champions League, they are now firmly entrenched in the battle for the top four in the Premier League every season.

The side are undoubtedly helped by having a sense of cohesion, and Pochettino is a perfect father figure. Whilst the Argentine’s tactics are often lauded, much less is made of his man management. Recently, he even revealed that the number of secret handshakes players perform is partly down to a rule he set up.

The rule is that every morning, all the players must shake hands with each other. The logic he provides is that when you come in contact with someone, it is easier to feel connected to them; as a result, it brings out better team-work.

See Pochettino fully explain his rationale in this video below:

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