Liverpool can now boast of having the only Premier League CEO to feature on South Park

High level executives in football clubs never have it easy. Rarely getting the credit they deserve, they’re more often than not derided whenever things go wrong. And whilst some of it is justified, some of the venom spewed at them by fans is quite justified in many cases.

Such was the case of former Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre. Seen by many as the reason for a slew of bad transfers, particularly when Brendan Rodgers was in charge, there would have been very few tears shed at the fact that he was fired after the Reds lost 3-1 to Leicester.

His replacement? Peter Moore, a man who had had stints in both Microsoft as well as EA Sports, the latter company employing him as their president.

Hilariously, his role in the company landed him a role in popular cartoon series South Park where he was spoofed, depicted as an archetype evil boss.

See the video of his “cameo” here:

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