(Video) Paul Pogba was backed into a corner by Man Utd fans who were refused an autograph

The world’s most expensive footballer and Manchester United ace Paul Pogba was reported backed into a corner by angry United fans after he refused to sign autographs.

The incident happened at the Akbar restaurant in Manchester where Pogba and his friends had gone for sometime off after winning their thrilling EFL cup finals against Southampton.

The incident is said have escalated very quickly with plates said be thrown at the midfielder. Police were called and had to resolve the incident. An eye witness also stated that the row even resulted in a few punches being exchanges from both sides.

He claimed that Pogba was uncomfortable with the attention from the young lads who asked him for the autograph as he was taking some private time to cool off.

No official statement from the club nor the player has yet surfaced with only vague images & a video from the restaurant for proofs as of now. Check out the video below!

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