(Video) Tottenham’s new ground would represent a little bit of “Dortmund in north London”

Good times for Spurs faithful as the club has been consistently progressing under Mauricio Pochettino. Slowly but surely, they seem to be emerging from the shadows of their north London rivals in Arsenal and it is now extremely likely that Champions League football could become a regular thing for Spurs.

Keeping that in mind – as well as their ticket demands – the club are building themselves a new stadium.

The internet has been flooded with many pictures of the stadium whilst under construction or even mock ups of what it will look like when finally completed.

And now, in an interview with NBC, chairman Daniel Levy, while using all the right words, hoped the atmosphere in the new stadium will represent a ‘little bit of Dortmund’ in north London.

Check out the bit from the interview below!

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