How good was Brendan Rodgers before Stuart Armstrong’s free kick for Celtic v Inverness

Brendan Rodgers has bravely led Celtic right from the front ever since the Hoops played the first game of their formidable campaign this season.

With landmark achievements like breaking a 50 year old record for most consecutive wins, and maintaining an unassailable lead for more than half of the season, 2016-17 has only seen the best from Celtic under Rodgers.

And it is exactly this leadership from the dugout that very prominently emanated from the manager during Celtic’s thrashing of Inverness last night.

When the Hoops won a freekick in the 66th minute of the game, it was Stuart Armstrong who was poised to take it with his right foot. Just as the midfielder was waiting for the referee’s signal, an alert Rodgers pointed out goalkeeper Fon Williams’ position to him.

What followed was a cracker of a freekick, as Armstrong took advantage of the keeper’s position and banged a sensational strike that was miles out of William’s reach.

Check out the video below!

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