The goalscoring record of the Spaniards at Chelsea puts Real Madrid & Barcelona to shame

Currently 10 points clear at the top of the table, it seems pretty unlikely that any other team but Chelsea will lift the Premier League trophy at the end of the season. The 10th place finish of last season seems like a distant memory in comparison to the highs that have already been reached this season.

A lot of that is down to the change in management; Antonio Conte has brought a fresh approach to the job and his tactics and methods seem to have gone down very well with the players. Interestingly, a stat posted by statmasters Squawka showcases another reason for the Blues’ success.

The current Chelsea side has a number of Spanish internationals and they have contributed to an amazing 39 goals so far this season. To put things in perspective, top Spanish clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla have less direct contributions from their Spanish contingents.

See how these top Spanish clubs fare with Spanish goalscorers in comparison to Chelsea here:

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