Man Utd’s Anthony Martial became the first ever player to tweet while playing a match during Bournemouth draw

Manchester United’s match against Bournemouth was certainly one that got people talking. The game had it all from controversial decisions, bad referee calls and missed penalties. However, the takeaway for United fans was that once again, they couldn’t get the job done against a smaller side.

Whilst Zlatan Ibrahimovic had an off day, it’s safe to say that no one played particularly well throughout the game. The same can be said about Anthony Martial; perhaps his biggest contribution to the game was almost giving away a last-minute winner to a resurgent Bournemouth side.

However, he did somehow mysteriously end up tweeting during the course of the game. Whilst it’s well known that many players use social media teams to run their accounts, it’s still quite a bizarre sight to see a player’s official account send out a tweet whilst they’re in the middle of a game.

See the screenshot of the now deleted tweet in question below:

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