Photos: Liverpool’s new retail store taking shape and how it will look once completed

In today’s world, merchandise sales are an important part of any football club’s money making mechanisms. Fans want to feel like a part of the side they support. Nothing quite conveys this feeling like owning a bit of merchandise that has the club logo on it, whether replica shirts or anything else.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Liverpool are designing a retail store to sell their own merchandise just outside Anfield. The club have a large and loyal fanbase, and building a state-of-the-art retail store at the home ground is a smart move in a bid to move more merchandise.

Pictures of what the store under construction recently hit the internet, and the store certainly looks top notch. Additionally, there are also mock-up pictures that depict what the store will look like once construction is completed.

See the pictures (via @Anything_LFC) of Liverpool’s soon to be completed retail store here:

2 thoughts on “Photos: Liverpool’s new retail store taking shape and how it will look once completed”

  1. Looking forward to the half & half scarf section for the true supporters. Let’s face it sitting in the Kop savouring the ‘Anfield Experience’ with four bags of merchandise makes you the ideal ‘supporter’ in FSG’s eyes. Never mind investing in top talent, let’s hike the ticket costs, love the corporate visitors and hang on until the club is worth so much that it would be stupid not to sell. I would miss the heartfelt tweets though from lovely Linda.

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