Arsenal Twitter thanks PSG for taking the spotlight off them after bottling it against Barcelona

Cold Comfort

This was one occasion where having the spotlight stolen from you was more than welcome.

The footballing world is still attempting to come to terms with the insanity of Barcelona’s incredible 6-1 victory over Paris St. Germain last night.

The Catalans overcame a huge first-leg deficit and an away-goal as PSG leaked 3 goals in the last 7 minutes, sealing the greatest come back in Champion’s League knockout round history.

And while the Nou Camp erupted in joy, some Arsenal fans sought comfort in the fact that they had been spared further scrutiny regarding their dismal 1-5 home defeat to Bayern Munich.

PSG’s inability to close out the game with what seemed to be a comfortable lead is surely in for a lot of criticism and the Gunners’ faithful were quick to express their tongue-in-cheek gratitude.

While some may point out the differences in margin of aggregate defeat and the performance, the French side’s misery has turned into the Londoner’s (sardonic) delight.

Check out the following tweets of approval:

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