Man Utd’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan receives a massive welcome from the huge Armenian community in Rostov (Video)

“The Best Armenian is Henrikh Mkhitaryan!”

That’s not a personal statement, but it’s certainly what a band of Armenian supporters felt as they greeted the Manchester United Team Bus in Russia ahead of the English side’s Round of 16 first-leg clash against FC Rostov.

The town, one of the oldest settlements in the country, apparently hosts a large Armenian community and they definitely showed their love for one of their favourite sons.

Much of the pre-match talk has been dominated by discussions over the condition of the pitch, with Jose Mourinho understood to be “livid” and suggesting that the fixture could have been played at an alternative venue.

If that had been the case, however, we would have surely missed out on a heart-warming reception from some dedicated fans who braved the biting Russian cold so they could support their hero.

Check out the chants of “Genrikh, Genrikh” from the fans in the video below!

Самый лучший из армян в Ростове) #генрихмхитарян #ростовмю #футбол

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