Tottenham’s Dele Alli is officially the new Guinness world record holder for most nutmegs completed in 30 seconds

Tottenham fans hold great expectations from their midfielder Dele Alli simply because they are aware of the massive talent he possesses.

Within a short span at White Hart Lane, Alli has worked hard to build the reputation of a player who displays amazing overall technique and also has maturity that is rare to find in footballers so young.

Apart from a hungry appetite for match-winning goals, Alli also holds a great reputation for ankle-breaking, career-destroying and embarrassing nutmegs that he routinely subjects his opponents to.

And since the player possesses the ability to score nutmegs at will, what can be a better way to celebrate the talent than by making it to the Guinness Book of World Records?

Alli added another feather to his cap recently by entering the famed record book for completing the highest number of nutmegs (8) within 30 seconds.

Check out Dele Alli receving the accreditation below –

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