Jurgen Klopp spotted sneaking out a few beers after outgoing Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre’s party last night (Photo)

Every parent in the world would know that look. It’s the face of your teenager getting caught doing something he or she probably shouldn’t have – that pure look of “Oh no”.

The Liverpool manager attended a farewell dinner for outgoing Club CEO Ian Ayre last night and he wasn’t leaving empty-handed. Klopp looked dapper in his grey suit but the feature that caught most people’s eye were the beer bottles he had with him.

No one can blame a German for enjoying his lager – and he was certainly prepared with one (or three) for the road. Who knows – the backpack he’s carrying perhaps wasn’t just for holding his documents and a gift for the departing Anfield Executive.

A picture like this just furthers Klopp’s everyday man image and probably endears him more to the supporters. And the players looking for a night on the town will probably find this piece of evidence handy for future discussions with their gaffer.

Check out the picture, via lfcstuff on Twitter, below:

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