(Video) The Celtic ball girl didn’t take the Rangers equalizer well, at all.

Despite the absolute parity in terms of quality between the two teams this season, the Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers is one that Scottish football enthusiasts still look forward to. The matches have an old-school hard man feel to them, something that is often missing from modern games.

The match didn’t disappoint either, with the two sides playing out a good draw that saw a late Clint Hill equaliser cancel out an excellent goal from Celtic’s Stuart Armstrong.

However, any happiness Rangers fans might have felt would have no doubt been in stark contrast to the emotions Celtic fans went through. Whilst a lot can be said about how disappointed they were, their feelings can be best summed up with the picture of Celtic’s ball girl behind the goal.

See the video below:

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  1. Disgusting, if you realised the hassle,the harassment, the abuse,the reaction this story will cause in Scotland. This is a CHILD you are highlihgting. What about the childs safety? Here’s a story you could cover. What about the 5000 or so adults singing the now banned and illegal “Billy Boys” or the “Famine Song”. Think about it. HH

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