Liverpool Snapchat shows Steven Gerrard scoring an absolute thraiker during a kick about today (Video)

Steven Gerrard is a name that is intrinsically tied with that of Liverpool in the 21st century. The former midfielder and captain is easily a club legend and an all-time great for the club, which is no mean feat considering just how many world class players have plied their trade at the Merseyside club.

Thus, when it was revealed that he had returned to the club as a coach, many fans were undoubtedly excited. And whilst age might have caught up to his stamina and physicality, it most certainly didn’t catch up on his natural on the ball ability, as was recently revealed by the club.

Liverpool’s official Snapchat account posted a video of Gerrard in practice, preparing for the Liverpool v Real Madrid Legends game later this month.

In the video, Stevie G is shown practicing his shooting and he manages to strike an absolute stinger of a shot past the goalkeeper, proving that he’s still got it.

See the video later posted onto their Twitter below:

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