Celtic new boy Eboue Kouassi suffered a minor mishap in the dugout during Dundee win (Video)

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It’s a place for football fans to relive amazing moments – stunning goals and feats of skill that will have us remembering them for years to come. The legacy of the players will live on in the videos we can see online – unfortunately, it also means that some of the more embarrassing moments that can occur are also preserved and shared. Cue Eboue Kouassi.

Celtic’s newest recruit seemed ready to go as he was receiving his instructions to go on in the game against Dundee United. He was focused and in the Zone – evident from the way he reacted to what happened next.

Asked to take a place on the bench momentarily, the Ivorian slipped into a seat which promptly decided to slip right from under him!

As he was helped up by staff and players who saw the funny side, Kouassi betrayed only an initial moment of surprise before settling back into an expression of utmost concentration. Unfazed and unruffled – definitely a player for the crunch situations.

Not his choice of best highlight from his team’s 2-1 victory though, surely.

Check out the fall of Kouassi below:

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