(Video) Leeds fans react after Talksport journo leaves Chris Wood out of his Championship team of the season

“You are Co-Co the Clown”. That was one Twitter user’s assessment of journalist Ian Abrahams after he left out Championship Top Scorer Chris Woods from his Team of the Year.

The TalkSPORT broadcast program turned into an impromptu roast of the man who goes by the Twitter handle @BroadcastMoose as livid Leeds United fans let Abrahams know exactly what they thought of his opinion. Their responses were hilarious to say the least, and the man himself was left without much to defend himself.

Woods has scored 26 goals to put him at the top of the goals heap, so his omission would certainly raise eyebrows. Wonder what the striker himself would make up for it.

Check out the snippet featuring the choicest tweets below:

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