Numbers show Ronaldo Vieira has played like seasoned pro in his first full season with Leeds


When your name is Ronaldo Vieira and you play football, you have a lot to live up to. Some players crack under the pressure of being compared to the greats, so when you actually bear a sobriquet comprising two of the greatest to grace the pitch in modern times, chances are you have to give the extra effort every time to stand out as your own man.

It seems that the Leeds United player is made of stern stuff however, as he is flourishing instead of wilting under the pressure. The midfielder from Guinea Bisseau has made an incredible 62 successful tackles in the Championship this season – the highest number in this regard for players under the age of 21. Given that Vieira is just 18 years of age makes his feat absolutely spectacular.

Leeds are currently on strong run towards finishing in the Promotion Play-offs on the back of Chris Woods run as top scorer as well as one of the best defensive records in the League – credit for which can be greatly bestowed on the fabulously named wonderkid.

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