The Spanish press have gone all out with their praise for Tottenham’s new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur are a team on the rise. Having seemingly come into their own and come out of the shadow of their bitter North London rivals Arsenal, Spurs are matching the best with their results and style of play. They contributed heavily to England’s recent squad and are odds on favourites to finish second in the league – they finally seem to be realising their potential.

A club with big ambitions deserves a stadium to match and lavish plans have been drawn up for their new home. With plans to upgrade from White Hart Lane’s 36000 seats to a capacity of 61000, Spurs are looking to build one of the best stadiums in the world adjacent to their current home ground by 2018.

Their plans have even left Spanish media impressed, as they hailed the proposed arena as “The Last Wonder of London”. Considering they are regulars at the Bernabeu and Camp Nou, that is high praise indeed.

The new stadium will provide greater financial clout for Tottenham in order to sustain their challenge for supremacy in the Premier League and from the initial reviews, it will be quite momentous when the Spurs go marching into this new era.

Check out the coverage in the Spanish newspaper Sport here:


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