Man Utd fans need to see this unbelievable piece of trickery from Marucs Rashford during England v Lithuania

It’s been a season of ups and downs for Manchester United. Despite spending significant amounts of money in the transfer window, their performances in the Premier League have been below standard at times. On the other hand, they have won the EFL Cup and are putting together a decent Europa League run as well.

Marcus Rashford has certainly been caught in the crosshairs of this difficult time for the club. Under Jose Mourinho, he’s not seen any significant downturn in game-time; however, his form has been questionable at times, which whilst expected given his age, is also slightly disappointing for him.

However, during England’s recent World Cup qualifier against Lithuania, the youngster showed just why he’s so highly rated by his club. Taking on a couple of defenders, he beat them with a quick elastic-like movement, except he used both feet instead of just one. It didn’t matter either way, as he left the defenders for dead.

Check out the youngster’s sublime bit of skill here:

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