(Video) Kyle Walker looking proud as Wimmer & Sonny reveal a belting new handshake for the Korean Tottenham fans

While the season has come to an end, there seems to be no end in sight to the Wimmer- Son bromance as the duo continue to make headlines with their admirable friendship off the pitch.

The duo were spotted getting at it again as the Tottenham made a promotional trip to Seoul ahead of the club’s post-season friendly in Hong Kong.

Speaking at the press conference in Seoul, Wimmer and Son debuted their new handshake infront on a very passionate South Korean audience.

While the duo expertly pulled off the stylistic handshake, team-mates Ben Davies and Kyle Walker who had also made the trip looked in all admiration at Wimmer and Son.

Walker in particular seemed particularly pleased with the Wimmer-Son handshake as he proudly looked on before eagerly applauding for the duo.

Check out the scenes from South Korea below –

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