(Video) Rob Holding spotted mocking Spurs players goal celebrations during his bit for Arsenal Media

Arsenal’s newest sensation Rob Holding has not failed to impressed fans with his display of skills since his addition to the team as a regular. And Gooners will find another reason to love the player for one of his off-the-field performances on Arsenal Media recently.

Holding was doing an episode with Gunners captain and fellow defender Per Mertesacker, when the two mocked city players from bitters rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

The Spurs players have been known for dishing out bizarre handshakes while celebrating goals, and Holding attempted to imitate them with Mertesacker.

Fans will be hoping to see their two defenders find a reason to celebrate the same way when they face Chelsea in the FA Cup finals this weekend.

Check out the video below –

7 Replies to “(Video) Rob Holding spotted mocking Spurs players goal celebrations during his bit for Arsenal Media”

  1. Concentrate on your football and stop hating son.
    Me and your mother see you infrontof the mirror trying to pull off these handshakes
    maybe its because your teammates are all conceited cowards who all hate each other why you cant do them yourself. Who knows son…..Just focus on your football and keep your thurday nights free ……
    never know

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  2. Another classless retard Woolwich player in the making, got to feel sorry for them if they have to keep doing this sort of immature stuff, they will grow up one day won’t they?? probably not as they are obsessed with us! it’s tragic, then again what do you expect from them? they have no class and never will.

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