Pic: German international linked with Chelsea just couldn’t stop gushing over Arsenal superstar during his Twitter Q&A

Very often do we see footballers commenting on each other, pointing out their ideals or favorite players, ranking the best ones in the history of the game. The same happened during the Twitter Q&A of the German defender, Antonio Rüdiger.

The Roma defender has been linked with a possible move to Stamford Bridge recently. Albeit, during his Q&A, the player was all praises for the Arsenal midfielder, Mesut Özil.

When asked about, the best players he played with, and the best players of all time, Antonio placed Özil alongside the likes of Totti, Maradona and Messi.

Decent praise and completely understandable considering he’s been witness to Ozil’s greatness with the national team but not sure how it is going to bode considering he’s getting heavily linked with arch rivals Chelsea nowadays.

Have a look at his Twitter Q&A below:

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