Pics: Needless to say, the new LUTV presenter is going to be a massive hit with the Leeds fans

The future looks exciting for Leeds United as following the transfer signings and the move to repurchase Elland Road, the club have now announced live streaming services for next season.

Whilst the live streaming of games is a landmark feat by the club as the fans will be able to now watch games even from areas where it won’t be televised and also get some behind-the-scenes features, perhaps the icing on the cake for fans is that all this will be presented to them by Emma Louise Jones, who will also be joined by Rich Williams, another renowned radio and TV presenter.

The former Viking FM radio DJ has had people drooling over her beauty and her captivating presentation skills. And now that she has been roped in by Leeds, the news has tickled the Leeds fans pink.

Although the commencement of the show is still a while away, the Leeds faithfuls cannot wait to see the gorgeous Jones lightening up the LUTV. Check out the pictures below –

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