(Video) Newcastle fans will love how hard their full backs are working on their fitness in LA

While football stars are spending the holidays in various ways, Newcastle United full backs are hitting the gym and working out like there’s no tomorrow. The players in question are Newcastle United right back and left back, DeAndre Yedlin and Achraf Lazaar respectively.

The club would be hoping to make a mark in the premier league this time around following a sensational promotion from the EFL Championship last season.

It is quite a satiating news for the Toon that their players are training hard during the pre-season, when most of the football world is taking a breather.

Lazaar recently posted a video of the intense pre-season workout on Twitter featuring Yedlin alongside him. The video is a visual treat for fitness freaks and the Newcastle fans who hope to witness the same chemistry between the two players, on the field.

Have a look at the motivational video here:

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