Liverpool boss pictured not giving a single f**k about the ongoing transfer window in Ibiza

Liverpool had a rather peculiar season last term. While they were outstanding in the initial phases of the season, their performances turned out to be inconsistent in the new year, but they still somehow managed to finish 4th.

The fans have full faith in Klopp, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t want some big names to join the club this transfer window. Even though Mohamed Salah will be a valuable addition to squad, as the team will now need more depth because of the Champions League fixtures, they may feel the need for a few more players.

The Merseyside club have been linked to a big horde of talented players like Naby Keita, Virgil Van Dijk, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain but a move has not yet been materialized.

There will be some pressure on Klopp now, because Liverpool fans, at the least, will expect him to guide their team to some silverware this time around.

But, the German coach has seemingly not let any of that pressure get to his head as he was spotted in Ibiza, living up to his cool dude image, wearing black sunglasses. He also donned a very funny umbrella hat to beat off the sun rays.

He is definitely one of the most charimastic managers in the Premier League. Check out the photo below –

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