Pics: Meet the stunning new addition to Rangers WAGs FC fans are going crazy over

If the 1-0 first leg success over Progres Niederkorn in the first qualifying last week and the Ibrox Megastore opening up for Rangers’ latest home kit wasn’t enough, then the fans are in for yet another treat as they now have a new WAG joining the long conveyor belt of such.

Rangers defender Myles Beerman seems to be struck by the cupid’s arrow as the 18-year old teen recently shared a picture of himself cozying with his stunning alleged girlfriend Raisa Muscat, when the pair went out for a walk in a serene park in Glasgow.

The Maltese model now joins the Rangers WAGs FC as the fans have gone completely berserk. The viridescent-eyed 22-year old is an internet sensation, charming her fans with her sensuous pictures, and Beerman has put his fans in an absolute delirium after he announced his relationship with her on the social media on his return to Glasgow.

Check out the pictures below –

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