Arsenal fans excited how this would be an actual thing every time Xhaka assists Lacazette next season

Arsenal fans would have a long list of complaints against Arsene Wenger and an even longer one describing their concerns for the upcoming season, but one thing that the manager has drawn plaudits for is signing Granit Xhaka.

The Swiss midfielder became an instant hit amongst Gooners ever since his £30 million transfer to Arsenal in May last year.

Apart from his hot temper, Xhaka has also made a name for himself with his ability to prove reliable in crucial games, a skill that will come in hand when new signings arrive next season.

In fact, if Wenger manages to secure high-profile target Alexandre Lacazette this summer, it would be a brilliant spectacle to witness the Emirates reverberate the popular “Boom Xhaka Laka” chant every time Xhaka assists the Lyon striker next season.

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