Interesting activity from one of world’s hottest striker right now on a Man Utd first teamer’s Instagram

Transfer rumors are heating up as the summer transfer window is open and every decent player has four or five teams hunting for him. In such times, it is inevitable for the Bundesliga top goal scorer to be wanted by the top clubs.

Aubameyang, the Dortmund forward is wanted by the big Premier League sharks, Liverpool and Man City. However, his latest Instagram activity points to a possible United move as well. The Gabon striker has recently dropped a like on Marcus Rashford’s Instagram picture, which also features NFL star Odell Beckam Junior.

Now, a like on Instagram picture being linked to a possible move to the club is too bold a statement to be considered. Yet, it is quite amusing to note that a random like possesses the power to intrigue millions of fans worldwide, and might even result in a possible transfer.

The Red Devils are certainly exulted by this. Aubameyang would be ideal to fit in at Ibrahimovic’s position, with the Morata move at a snail’s pace.

Have a look at the like on the pic here:

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