Leeds fan takes the mick out of Garry Monk with this ‘Press Conference Highlights’ from last season

“Of course this group is important but we are focused for the next game!”

That sentence might not make any sense when read in isolation, but apparently it’s all Garry Monk has talked about last season.

Leeds fans’ cold shoulder treatment to their former manager is very well known following his departure from the club, and that reflected very prominently in @EamoV1’s take on Monk’s “Press Conference Highlights 2016/17.”

Garry Monk, who had become an instant hit at Elland Road for almost leading the club to promotion, drew the ire of Peacocks supporters after he joined rivals Middlesbrough this summer.

The 38-year old blamed the club’s new ownership and his disagreement with their plans as the reason for his decision to leave.

Things are expected to heat up even more as the Boro boss is going to compete with his former club in the transfer window this summer.

Needless to say, with over 600 retweets and 1300 likes, the video has been well accepted by the masses. Check it out below –

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  1. hi leeds supporter for fifty years, garry monk seems like a nice guy, and a nice manager, championship football is no place for nice guys or nice tippy toes guys guys have to have their feet on the ground, and plenty of bottle, i know garry got good results, but nice guys let somebody else get the cream

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