Liverpool first team player spotted spreading the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain propaganda on Instagram

Reports arrived yesterday stating that Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has rejected a contract extension offered by Arsenal. Normally, when a player rejects a contract extension, a whole swarm of transfer rumours follow, ranging from outright wayward ones to plausible and realistic ones.

Chamberlain’s case has been no different as he has been linked to numerous top clubs like Chelsea, United and Liverpool, and it seems like Liverpool are winning the race to get the young midfielder’s signature.

More spice has been added to the whole transfer saga now as Daniel Sturridge’s latest Instagram activity suggests that he really wants his English National Team colleague to join him in Merseyside.

The Liverpool forward ‘liked’ a cheeky old photo of him and his club teammate Adam Lallana with Chamberlain posted by an apparent Liverpool fan who captioned the photo “So you coming to Liverpool Alex? Would be a smart move Lad.”

The whole episode signifies that Chamberlain’s arrival at Liverpool will be more than welcomed by the players, and who knows, It might be a small commanding factor in his final decision.

The Ox is in contract with Arsenal till next season and if he makes up his mind to play for Liverpool , they will be able to sign him for free next summer which will be a big bargain for a 23 year old player who has a significant amount of Premier League experience.

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