Rangers fan puts down the martial law on all things green in his house after Pedro Caixinha’s announcement

Following the outrage at Barry McKay’s appearance in a pair of green boots for the Europa League qualifiers, manager Pedro Caixinha has simmered down the tensions by imposing a ban on wearing green color shoes, as he believes they are the “colors of Celtic”.

The Celtic-Rangers rivalry is a fearsome one, but this act has demonstrated there’s so much more to this rivalry. Or enmity, perhaps.

Regardless of UEFA’s sanctions on the fans who threw papers on the field, Pedro seems to sympathize with the faithfuls and also protest against green boots. As a result, this coming season onwards, no Rangers player will be allowed to don the green studs. But the staunch followers of the club seems to have taken the biscuit way too far.

If the ban wasn’t bizarre enough, a video of a Rangers fan dumping a green shirt and a green noodles container in the bin has surfaced online. Pedro’s law is turning into a movement, and it has become internet’s latest sensation.

Forbidding green boots was strange, but forbidding everything that’s green? Now that’s one sandwich short of a picnic.

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