Huesca man Samu Saiz looks Leeds bound after dropping fresh new hint on Instagram

The long standing Samuel Saiz saga seems to have ran into a stonewall as Leeds United, his potential suitors, haven’t yet finalised a deal. Whilst there are reports suggesting the economics rights clause in contract causing the delay, the player himself though dropped a major hint after his recent activity on social media.

The anxious Leeds fans were served a treat when Saiz liked a post on Instagram which asked whether he was Leeds bound, and to everyone’s surprise the Huesca man clicked the like button.

His action has not only grabbed several eyeballs, but also set the media aflutter, as reports of his rumored move to Leeds, bursted at the seams.

The stall in the move had raid skepticism among the fans about the completion of the move. However, Samuel Saiz has shown a silver lining. Both parties are yet to strike a deal, but it now seems only a matter of time when the papers are inked and Saiz will be photographed holding the Leeds shirt.

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