Tottenham fan labels it a ‘football crime’ after spotting new Nike home kit amongst Gooner merchandise

Clubs will win and lose trophies, players will come and leave, times will change, but the feeling of enmity between bitter derby rivals is here to stay forever.

Take the case of Arsenal and Tottenham, for example. The North London derby is distinguished for the hostility that the two Premier League rivals have been sharing ever since they were born in the same neighbourhood.

Players from both clubs might be chivalrous and mindful of each other on and off the field, but fans can never be expected to look eye-to-eye.

A prime example of this adversity was on display when TV presenter and music artist Lucy Jones (an acclaimed Tottenham supporter), referred to a new Spurs kit being on display at an entire shelf of Arsenal shirts as a “football shirt crime!”

As football fans, there would be many people who would resonate the same feelings as Lucy, whose tweet regarding the incident can be seen below –

3 thoughts on “Tottenham fan labels it a ‘football crime’ after spotting new Nike home kit amongst Gooner merchandise”

    1. Beat me to it.

      Lucy, he’s right!

      The Woolwich Wanderers aren’t known as the Nomads for nothing.

      They have also had a disproportionate number of deviants of various kinds play for their club. And their nomadic chairman bribed his way into top flight football – they never earned it. A scummy club, absolute scum.

      P.S. they are also renowned for being crap in European competition

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