Celtic fans will enjoy Pizza Hut’s official Twitter having a laugh at Rangers Europa League humiliation

If you’re having a tough time facing all the problems in your life, try being a Rangers fan. It seems like the universe is hell bent on finding newer ways to humiliate the club and its fans every now and then.

If Tuesday’s 2-0 Europa League qualifying round defeat at the hands of Luxembourg minnows Progres Niederkorn was not enough, the Ibrox side suffered another embarrassment after they lost their big tax case in the Supreme Court as well.

With so much going wrong both on and off the pitch, it is not surprising to see opponents of Rangers (read, Celtic fans) having a field day. In fact, even Pizza Hut has jumped into the fray now.

When a Celtic fan asked the pizza company to give him a free slice and got mad after being called a “Hun” for the same, Pizza Hut hilariously replied by mocking Rangers’ loss to Progres!

Rangers fans will certainly switch to Domino’s after reading this conversation below –

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