Pic: Liverpool star spotted enjoying a well earned break with a soon to be Chelsea player

Almost all football players, despite being the fiercest of enemies during matches with their rivals, keep animosity aside off the field. A similar event was on display recently, albeit involving players who are still not rivals yet.

While a 23-man Liverpool squad was summoned on orders of manager Jurgen Klopp to begin pre-season preparations, Emre Can was seen relaxing in California after helping Germany win the Confederations Cup recently.

Alongside the midfielder was his compatriot Antonio Rudiger, who is said to be next on Chelsea’s shopping list for the summer. The defender, who also represented the Germans, is expected to leave Roma and join Chelsea for a price tag that could cost the Blues £34 million.

Given the kind of camaraderie Rudiger and Can share as national squad team-mates, it would be exciting to see the pair jousting during Premier League encounters next season.

Check out Emre Can with Chelsea-bound Rudiger below –

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