“Rooney’s our girlfriend” – This Everton fan’s analogy is the best thing you’ll see on the internet today (Video)

19th October 2002, a 16 year old boy in an oversized jersey came off the bench for Everton against the league leaders Arsenal who were on a 30 game unbeaten run. The game was deadlocked at 1-1 and was approaching the end, when suddenly; the ball fell to the Everton teenager who barely anyone knew.

He controlled the ball well, created some space for himself and then produced a moment of sheer brilliance by drilling the ball past Arsenal’s legendary goalkeeper David Seaman from around 25 yards.

It’s a moment which will be forever etched into every Toffees fan’s memory. Wayne Rooney became a local hero overnight.

The love story began when everyone realised that the youngster was destined for greatness. A small spark from a young player always meant big teams circling around them like hungry sharks. Rooney wanted to live his dream and play for a ‘big club’ so he made a transfer request in 2004.

Everton fans were heartbroken. Up stepped Manchester United with a deal that could not be rejected. Rooney joined the Red Devils for £27m making him the most expensive teenager in the history of premier league.

13 years later, the English international is now on the verge of returning to Goodison Park and Everton fans are now really confused about how they should feel about it. When asked about Rooney, an Everton fan replied by claiming Rooney is just like their girlfriend and even though they split up, they still love him and would welcome him with open arms.

Check out the video below –

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