Danny Welbeck spotted gently mocking an Arsenal teammate on the fight to Sydney

It is said that your sleeping position tells a lot about your nature as a person, but for Arsenal’s Mohamed Elneny, it is just a subject of banter for the entire world to see.

That the midfielder has an odd style of sleeping flat on his stomach became known to everybody after team-mate Danny Welbeck posted a picture of it on social media with the caption: “Really interesting choice of sleep position, Mo”

The picture was taken aboard their flight while Arsenal were flying to Australia for their upcoming pre-season tour spanning four games in total, including Bayern Munich and Chelsea fixtures.

Elneny and Welbeck seem to have become close buddies, as the former had also posted a selfie of the two in the same flight just before they left for their tour down under.

Check out Welbeck mocking Elneny’s sleeping style below –

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