Pic: Tottenham star Dele Alli hits the beaches of Mykonos with a bikini clad Ruby Mae

Following his excursions in Italy, Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli is now in Mykonos, Greece, soaking the sweltering heat and continuing his vacation. However, this time he is accompanied by his model bae Ruby Mae.

Having spent some time off in Ibiza earlier this year, the two are back together to spend some quality time with each other as they saunter across the beautiful beach in Mykonos, an island in the Cyclades group of Greece.

Clad in a stunning black bikini, the 22-year old grabbed several eye-balls when pictures of her and his footballing beau surfaced online.The two looked to be enjoying each other’s company as Alli wraps up his holiday and gets back to training for the pre-season.

Check out the pictures, @ItsAWagWagWorld below –

The two weren’t alone for long as they were then joined by Alli’s Spurs team-mate Eric Dier and his partner Maria Hansen, who only returned from Los Angeles where they were initially holidaying. The couples then set off in a Rolls Royce coupe for some private time.

As a matter of fact, club team-mates vacationing together has been the theme this year. With Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez; Antoine Griezmann and Alexandre Lacazette; Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba etc., it now Dele Alli and Eric Dier joining the ever growing list.

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